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Does ordinary DC power supply produce ripples? What is the usual frequency and waveform shape (sine, square) of the ripples supposed the source is 60 hz. What circuit component (capacitor, ics, etc) can eliminate all ripples? How come the dc power supply didn't use this eliminator, is it expensive? Tnx.


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Hi Lory.

Take a look at:

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It uses valves, which give me a warm rosy glow; you can substitute semiconductor diodes and the theory doesn't change. This page gives a fairly extensive explanation of what's going on which isn't the case with a lot of them.

You should go out and buy a copy of The ARRL Handbook (Amazon or any half-decent bookstore, even in the Antipodes). It will answer a lot of your questions and give you insights into what's going on. It is not at the engineering level but is excellent grounding.



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Ken Taylor

Lots of info here...

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Some circuits can tollerate the ripple.

That depends on the size (in Watts) of the power supply.

The regulator in some plug style mains adaptors is usually quite cheap. Lets call it less than $1 - but even $1 is expensive if you are selling 1,000,000 a year.

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