Trying to find right transistors to use for a project...sal2

Trying to find right transistors to use for a project...sal2

Greetings, All

I would like to switch on and off 4 of my 4mW pen lasers on and off (in various ways) using my usb 6008 DAQ device however I don't have enough current/voltage to power my 4mW pen lasers from my usb-6008 DAQ device. Here are some Specs that I've measured from my device. The digital outputs on the DAQ device produce:

5V, and 1mA (they have a 4.7k ohm resistor I can't get to inside)

What I would like to do is connect my 4 digital outputs from my DAQ device to

4 transistors that would switch the power on and off from a 5V dc Power supply.

I'm having issues trying to figure out which Transistors I need. Can anyone give a little assistance.

Also if you have any other suggestions I'm open to that also. I'm allways willing to learn something new.

Note:(DAQ) is short for Data Aquisition)

Thanks sal2

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Do a Google search on MC1413. This 16 pin dip should provide you with everything you need. 5Volts is too high for Laser pens- 3 1.5 volt batteries=4.5 volts. Use a diode in series in the circuit.

+5V----Diode.....+laser------transistor----common. This is what I use to drive laser pointers.

Dave wrote:

various ways)


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