Building a pulsoximeter project

Hello Everyone I am a final year student puruing my development project - 'Pulsoximeter'. After all the research I am at a stage where I have to

design a pulsoximeter by using some sensors (Eg.TSL230R - Light to Frequency converter). I would be really grateful to someone who could suggest me a circuit design or even some resources which could be helpful in the design. I need a start to carry on the project. Thanks Akshay Gupta Manukau Institute of Technology

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Sounds a bit tricky. Not my field but...

You know you can shine light through your finger right? Well find out how the light changes with the amount of oxygen in the blood. Perhaps the blood gets redder or it absorbs more light of a specific frequency? Ask a med student or google. You might need to use a light of a specific frequency.

You could try calling up a manufacturer of pulsoximeter. Ideally you need to find out where they are designed. Explain you are a student and ask if you can speak to someone in the design dept. You never know you might be able to talk yourself into being invited to go see them.

Google found a free simulation program for the TSL230R here (I've not used it)..

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Search the digital library at Circuit Cellar Ink

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for TSL230R

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