FPGA-Based system design project

Hi friends

I am new to this forum...and found that you guys are really helpful t

each other with strong knowledge on FPGAs. So i thought to get you help. So i would really appreciate you guys if you can help me.

I am a graduate student and going to start my MS final project in thi

fall semester. My interest lies in FPGA-based designs. These can b either in cosumer, broadcast, medical, automotive etc industries...

So i need your help to find an interesting, new project topic (fo

FPGA-based design) for me on whicd i can do some research and mak some thing new..

So i hope you guys would share your opinions...

thanks muc

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Check out


They have lots of projects.

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OpenRISC project need contributions. If you are interested on Open Hardware Microprocessor you can add new features to OR1200 processor, like a new cache system with associativity or to integrate the FPU inside the datapath. We can talk about it if you want.


Javier Castillo

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Javier Castillo

This is a very interesting statement.

Other than

formatting link
try thinking about FPGA implementation of:

(*) H.264 codec (**) Multi-Protocol Encalsulation of any data traffic + ATM SAR (***) Ethernet switch (data processing path) (****) Turbo Encoder / Decoder for Comm (*****) LDPC codes for Comm (******) Fast Filtering of Ethernet traffic (*******) !!!!!! TDM Over IP (Packet) Circuit Emulation Data Processing Engine (********) T1/E1/T3/E3/T4/E4/Packet over SONET mapper :):):)

If you are really interested.... those are only samples of what could actually done.


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Vladislav Muravin

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