Adapter: USB to 3.5mm plug Available?

I have a Logitech 300 USB headset/mic combo. It plugs into a USB port on my computer.

Is there an adapter available that will adapt a USB plug to a standard 3.5mm plug, so that the headsets can be used in non-USB applications such as a standard audio-out jack? Thanks for the info!

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Bob Holiday
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The headset was designed to work with the serial data from the USB port. It will not function with an analog signal, as such from your audio player. You would need a means to convert the audio to a digital USB type signal that is compatable to drive the headset. It would be much cheaper for you to buy a headset for your audio player.

Jerry G.
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Jerry G.

There is a real good chance that it is not possible to do what you want without re-wiring the headset. To work via a USB port, the headset must appear as an active serial device. This is radically different from a the way microphones and headphones work. In other words: It would take an active electronic device to turn a USB headset into a microphone and headphone. Someone may well make and market such a device, but it will not be a simple connector adaptor...and it will probably require a separate power source.


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