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I have a device whose power requirements are listed as following:

12.6W, 2.1 A @ 6 VDC

I have a power adapter which has the following written on it:

input: 120VAC 60Hz output:6VDC 1000mA

Is it safe to use this adapter with this device? Thanks in advance


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The device requires 2.1A (2100 mA). Your adapter can give only 1A (1000mA).

So, it wouldn't work or would work poorly.

You should get an adapter rated for 2.1A or better.

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or it might overheat and catch fire (although most likely it has protection against that built in).

You need one rated for:

Voltage 6V Current 2.1A (or more)

If it meets those two the output power rating will be 12.6W or more.

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The value of 1000 ma is 1.0 Amps. You need 2100 ma, or 2.1 Amps at 6 Volts DC.

Your 1000 ma adaptor will run very hot, and most likely it will not last very long.

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