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How do I buffer a signal in XST as I feel it is getting overloaded. if I write Signal1

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if the signal is a clock signal you can instantiate a BUFG or multiple BUFGs to optain load manual load balancing


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Antti Lukats

You can add "-max_fanout 50" (or whatever fanout you want) to the .xst-configfile or edit the appropriate GUI-form.... That setting is global, but it should be possible to pass it as an signal attribute.

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Georg Acher


Look at the constraints guide, you can set max fanout for a specific signal or you can do it globally.

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General Schvantzkoph

We are using a 20 input (each 8 bit wide) coregen instantiated MUX operating at

160 MHz on a Vitex-E device. When placed and routed in ISE6.2i, we get that the timing-error that the mux select lines are having fanout problem. We tried duplicating the net source, but still the problem persists. Any Help please.
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