Xilinx XST incremental synthesis tooo slow

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I was investigating incremental synthesis to reduce synthesis time. Bad
surprise was that incremental synthesis doesn't reduce the synthesis
time at all. I have like 10 components and it takes 3 minutes to
compile them without incremental synthesis. I changed the synthesis to
incremental and made a little change in a very small component - then
it took 4 minutes to compile!!! At some point in the synthesis report
XST prints that all unchanged
components are "up to date" but the rest of the report shows that all
compilation and optimizations are done just like everything was
compiled first time. I tried with Xilinx ISE versions 7.1 and 8.1 -
both gave the same results...

Has anyone managed to reduce the synthesis time signifficantly with XST
incremantal synthesis? Or is there any other synthesis tools which are
able to do this?



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