Xilinx Virtex-II Configuration in Slave Serial


I want to configure my Virtex-II (Avnet Development Board)using MultiLINX download Cable. I am using Slave Serial Mode. But iMPACT Software do not programme the FPGA and it says "DONE pin did not go low" . I also have two more queries.

1-) System ACE MPM is enabled by default . Should I disable it when using Slave Serial Mode as I am not using System ACE? 2-) Is HSWAP_EN has to do something with the stated problem?

Thanks Shehzad

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M Shehzad Hanif
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Hi Shehzad

I have used the exact board w/ Multilinx. You don't have to unhook the MPM in any way. The Jtag chain is built so that whatever you program will overwrite the MPM image programmed at power-up. You just double check your leads going into the jtag header from multilinx. I found it easier/quicker to just use parallel III connector w/ a gender changer (female/male) wire wrapped to the jtag header on the board.

FYI, I could not get Multilinx to work with the XMD, but ok w/ parallel III.

If you have any luck w/ using the PCI, please let me know also.


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Jackson Pang

Try, maybe, set or unset that bit by setting properities in "generating bit-file" stage.

Best Regards

Jerzy Gbur

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Jerzy Gbur

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