Xilinx Virtex 4 Configuration Frames

Hello All,

I am looking at the reconfiguration capabilities of Virtex 4 devices. I have following questions related to Xilinx Virtex 4 configuration frames (frames here refer to the smallest addressable units in Virtex devices that can be reconfigured):

a). What is the shape and size of a frame in Virtex 4 device? I know that in Virtex 2, each frame is one vertical column of the device. I also know that in Virtex 4 each frame contains fixed 41 words of data. But I could not find any information related to its shape in Virtex 4.

b). How many CLBs does one frame include or vice versa?

c). I have seen somewhere that Virtex 4 is a tile based device. Does it mean that each configuration frame is completely contained in one tile? If yes, how many frames/CLBs does one tile contain?

d). Can we use the Xilinx JBits SDK to configure a Virtex 4 frame? The documentation for JBits 3.0 does not refer to Virtex 4 and only seems to support Virtex 2. If it doesn't support Virtex 4, what is the equivalent toolkit for Virtex 4 devices?

Thanks in advance, Love Singhal

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