General Question - Which FPGAs can support partial run-tim reconfiguration?


As far as I know, only Xilinx (XC6200, Virtex, Virtex-E, Virtex II, Virtex 4) and Atmel (FPSLIC - AT94Kxx)support partial run-time (dynamic) reconfiguration.

Is there any other FPGA vendor being able to support partial run-time reconfiguration? What are they and what are the families? Thanks Regards Nickel

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Your list is correct, but XC6200 is a dead family ( neither physically available nor supported by Xilinx) All Virtex family members are partially reconfigurable. You can reconfigure these parts on a Frame by Frame basis. Before Virtex-4, a frame stretched "vertically" across the chip, with 22 frames per column of CLBs.(Different frame length for different chips) In Virtex-4, the frames are shorter, giving you a finer granularity of dynamic reconfiguration. In all Virtex devices, a frame is changed instantly (the shift-in operation is transparent), but when multiple frames are reconfigured, that is a sequential operation, and the user must take care of the in-between situations. Hope this helps. Peter Alfke, Xilinx Applications.

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Peter Alfke

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