JBits 3.0 and Virtex-II Pro

Hello all!

I am using Xilinx Virtex-II Pro (XC2VP20 and XC2VP50) chips, and was wondering if I can use JBits 3.0 to manipulate the configuration bitstreams for these chips. It seems not, since the JBits "Device" class seems to only have defined constants for Virtex and Virtex-II chips. Has anyone done this before, or knows that it can be done?

Thanks, Mahim

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Mahim Mishra
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In theory it's possible to create a device class for for a Virtex II pro, just take an existing one for Virtex II and alter the constants. I think this is possible because all the components are equal they are just displayed in a different manner but you can only work with areas without PPC because there is no information to how the surroundings GRM work. So in conclusion i think it's possible to have limited support to Virtex II pro but some reverse engineering is needed.


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