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Hi, I've been able to run a simulation of a PPC405 system example with ModelsimPE if the executable elf file fits into block ram, but I can't find a good example of running a program out of external ram. I have a Virtex4FX card from Avnet with a 32x16Mb DDR ram. They only document with the card shows how to run the examples on the actual card not simulating the code I've done this and it works fine but I'd like to look at the execution in Modelsim. I found an app note via Google (Xilinx App note: XUG436 EDK System Simulation Tutorial) that aided me in getting me through the block ram simulation setup but when it discusses running out of external ram it uses verilog instead of vhdl and I got lost a bit. BTW, I couldn't actually find this appnote on the Xilinx site- it was generated in Feb 07 but must have been pulled off the site for some reason? Do I have to load the file to the simulator via XMD? Does anyone know of a link to a good tutorial to get me started here?



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Dear ctw,

I have a application with a microblaze for a ML401-Board. For this system i have setup a simulation environment.

  1. Compile your application and set the program start to the external memory.

  1. convert your elf file into a .mem file. In my application there a two

16 bit memory combined to a 32bit Memory. You need two files, on for every memory.

convert cmd:

data2mem -bx ./ -u -i -o m ddr -p xc4vlx25 -bm memory_init.bmm -bd executable.elf

ADDRESS_BLOCK DDR_memory MEMORY [0x00000000:0x03FFFFFF] BUS_BLOCK system_tb/ddr1 [31:16] OUTPUT = ddr1.mem; system_tb/ddr0 [15:0] OUTPUT = ddr0.mem; END_BUS_BLOCK; END_ADDRESS_BLOCK;

vsim -t ps test_opb_spi_slave_master_tb_behavior_cfg view wave do test_opb_spi_slave_master_tb_w.do mem load -infile ../../test_spi/ddr1.mem -format hex "/test_opb_spi_slave_master_tb/mt46v16m16_1/mem_array" mem load -infile ../../test_spi/ddr0.mem -format hex "/test_opb_spi_slave_master_tb/mt46v16m16_2/mem_array" run 400 us a good example of running a program out of external ram. I have a Virtex4FX




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