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I am profiling some piece of code using some techXclusive article (the root of all evil) but I change it to a ppc405 target. The profiling seems to work fine but when i execute the profile command at the XMD prompt the output file of this command, gmon.out, is getting larger and larger and it never stops !!! I have managed to get profiling information with other pieces of code but I did not understnad the differences between the pieces of code and the configuration. If someone has some clues ?

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gmon.out looks like gprof. Your behaviour sounds ok. Just abort the process you're profiling at some point and see what you got. As I recall you do something like gprof [executable] [gmon.out]

It will output all sorts of useful info.

Note I don't know what your toolchain is, gmon.out is the only thing familiar and I know of that from linux + gnu tools.


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