Xilinx EDK (PPC): Problems Porting to Memec 2VP4LC Board

I'm having problems getting a system running with a Memec 2VP4LC board. I use Base System Builder, following Xilinx EDK 6.2 tutorial instructions, specifying a Memec Virtex-II Pro P4-FG456 board and making the appropriate changes to the UCF file. The whole process runs fine and the FPGA programs fine but seems inert. Memec's Ultracontroller demo runs OK so the board is probably OK.

Has anyone had luck with this board?



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I don't know this board, but a common problem when the program doesn't start is the wrong reset level. Maybe the tutorial uses active high reset, but the board generates active low, so the FPGA stays in reset all the time.

cu, Sean

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Sean Durkin

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