Xilinx Custom IP accessing 16-bit bram


I have used Xilinx core generator to synthesize a bram with width of 16 bit and depth of 80k, resulting a 17-bit address. Let's call them bram_data, and bram_addr.

I am connecting the bram to PLB bus which has 32-bit address (Bus2IP_Addr) and 32-bit data (Bus2IP_Data).

I am not sure how to connect those two together since I don't understand that if the address is not at the 32-bit boundary:

(1) Does Bus2IP_Addr contains the requested address (0x2 for example), or the closest 32-bit boundary (0x0 for example).

(2) Does Bus2IP_Data contains the data at 0x2, or data at 0x0 ?

I have tried all the combinations I could think of but nothing seems to work. I would like to understand this before continuing debugging my code.

thank you very much.

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Norman Lo
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