Xilinx Conversion 3.1 --> 6.1

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Hi all,
i have an old xilinx project developed with version 3.1 (schematic file)
Now i work with Xilinx Project Navigator v.6.1
I'm unable to open it. There is any way to convert schematic from 3.1 to

Thank's in advance



Re: Xilinx Conversion 3.1 --> 6.1

Unfortunately your old schematic is in a proprietary Aldec
format.  Xilinx no longer uses Aldec for their ISE environment.

You have few options.

1. If you just need to update and build the old project for
the original parts (that were supported in version 3.1) the
best bet is to continue to use 3.1 - I am using 4.1 (the last
of the Aldec-based versions) on the same machine with 6.1
and all I need to do is change my Xilinx environment variable
to switch between modes.

2. Use the export option in version 3.1 schematics to generate
structural VHDL code from your old schematic.  This code will
of course lose your graphics and text comments, but with some
coercing can be made to compile under ISE (you may need to
add some library elements that are no longer in unisims).  It
may actually be less work to re-create the schematics by hand.

3.  Hand Aldec a pile of money for their latest tools which
allow you to continue using your old schematics while running
the latest Xilinx back-end.

Max wrote:
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Re: Xilinx Conversion 3.1 --> 6.1
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Thank's for your repaly

The problem is that the PC with 3.1 crash and  i can't find installation CD
I've only me project files and the version 6.1

Could you help me?




Re: Xilinx Conversion 3.1 --> 6.1

  It seems your best bet is to try the Aldec approach.  They
can get you started with an evaluation license (I think it's
good for 1 month) and they have some app notes on migrating
your old designs from Xilinx Foundation.  If you don't keep the
tools after the eval, you'll still have had a chance to look
at and print your old schematics and possibly convert them
into something usable by the 6.1 tools.  If nothing else the
Aldec tools should still have the VHDL export option.

Good luck,

Max wrote:
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Re: Xilinx Conversion 3.1 --> 6.1

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What about the old archived versions of webpack ?

3.3 and 4.1 are available under

Re: Xilinx Conversion 3.1 --> 6.1
I have not done it for a while but if you have the 3.1 tools I think you can
export the design to VHDL. It isn't friendly as you basically get a vhdl
netlist style output but it does allow then to take the output into the new

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