XCS10-84PC: How JTAG-Pins as I/O ?

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I use Xilinx Foundation 1.5 and VHDL for a SPARTAN XCS-10 . I have to use the JTAG-Pins as I/O-pins (TDI, TCK, TMS = I/O, TDO=O). How to do? The data-sheet give me not enough information...


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A good starting place would be the following Xilinx Answer Record.

How do I instantiate JTAG pins (TDI, TDO, TCK, TMS) in HDL as general I/O?

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Look in the Libraries guide. I believe you will find some special I/O pad symbols with appropriate names.

Note that these I/O pins do not have a full IOB behind them, so no input or output flip flops.

I seem to remember that you can only use IBUF and OBUF for these pins. (maybe OBUFT too)


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