XAPP806 issues DCM Phase Shift


I'm trying to hash through application XAPP806 "Determining the Optimal DCM Phase Shift for the DDR Feedback Clock" as an exercise in MicroBlaze, EDK, BSB, Platformw Studio, XPS, whatever.

About page 3 the document ask you to set up a

2 bit GPIO. I'm not sure why it needs to be bidirectional. These bits are to be the controls to the variable phase delay in the clock feedback loop.

Being a novice with this Platform Studio, I don't know how to do this. In the BSB wizard under add peripherals, all I have are OPB BRAM IF CNTLR, OPB TIMEBASE WDT, and OPB TIMER options. I am running an 7.1 EDK and the author of the document, Norbert Melnikov, did not state what he was using.

So the short question is where do I find the generic GPIO pcore? The application note implied that the number of bits was selectable.

Does the P in pcores stand for peripheral? Are pcores the way ISE projects can join the XPS environment?


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