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I was wandering if the following is possible. I have a huge voltage 3kvolt, when is passed through a coil my voltmeter is showing me negative voltage. I would like to phase shift this or invert this so to get positive voltage How do I go about this? ...I heard that inthe 70's, some cars where negatively based, and used such converters to get positive. now I believed everything is positive.

thank you

Ken O

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very carefully.

yes, but they were used 250 times less voltage

it might be easier to modify your 3000V souce to produce a positive voltage.

Bye. Jasen

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Jasen Betts

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Your question doesn't make a lot of sense.

More info is needed. Is the voltage source AC or DC? Is the meter analog (AC or DC?) or digital? What is this coil you mention? How is it in the circuit?

In simple circuits coils don't change the polarity of DC signals.

Phase is a word commonly used with AC signals and voltage sources where you're talking about the time shift of signals with respect to each other. One signal leads or lags the other . . .

A coil can cause current to lag voltage in an AC signal by shifting the phase. That doesn't change the meter reading polarity.

Some English cars did use a positive ground I'm told. That is a DC circuit and you just reverse the polarity of the voltmeter leads to for a positive needle deflection . . . (on an analog moving coil voltmeter - a iron vane type meter doesn't care about polarity or AC or DC)

A DC to DC converter could be used to power something that required a positive ground or isolated voltage source (but not practical with 3KV as a rule)

Give us more info?

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