Spartan 3E 500 DCM fine phase shift doesn't work


I have a problem with the Spartan 3E DCMs: I use two DCMs with the following configuration:

- input clk = 50 MHz

- output clk: clk0 (phase 0) = 50MHz

- output clk: clk90 (phase 90) = 50 MHz

- Clk FX: 50*7/2 = 175MHz I also use fine phase shifting. For the fine phase shifting I use a stat machine. After a phase shift command the state machine waits for the don signal coming from the DCM. I've noticed that sometimes the DCM doesn' give a DONE signal, as a consequence the state machine is blocked. Th PSClk is 50MHz, it is the same clock as clk0.

Has anybody had a similar problem?

thanks for the info and best regards, Dolphin

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