I am thinking about implementing a WLAN Interface with a FPGA. Has anybody done this before, or does anybody have some information about this?

regards, Benjamin

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Benjamin Menküc
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This was the main objective of the EASY projec

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I think they have made some of the projec deliverables public.

The topic of this project is to implement a board-level system (lot

of functionalities however on a single-chip) for HIPERLAN/2 protocol This was the European initiative for WLAN applications (in contrast t IEEE 802.11). The language used was VHDL (widely used in Europe)

But no public VHDL codes..

Nikolaos Kavvadias a.k.a. "kavi

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We have successfully deigned and implemented an 802.11 MAC in a Xilinx FPGA for a research project. It is feasable... but it was not so easy, and required a carefull design and a lot of work! :-) (802.11 is a very complex protocol to handle...)

Regards, A.D.

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Antonio Di Stefano

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