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Hello, everyone.

I could not find am answer on the web for the following question, which i am not quite comfortable to ask, but who else to ask it, except FPGA/ASIC people?

Can anybody, please, point me to a website or give me any approximations about what salary is considered "average" and what is considered "top" in the following places, if we are talking about senior FPGA design engineer position? (I have 6 years of ASIC/FPGA design experience, 4 from Israel + 2 from Canada)

(1) Montreal (2) Vancouver (3) Toronto (4) Ottawa

I would also highly appreciate any info/weblinks about living cost in Vancouver.

Thank you all very much for your time and attention.

Sincerely, Vladislav Muravin

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First, thank you very much. I saw this web site intuitively. It's the same source as in

formatting link
I think this is a reliable source, but not a REAL source.

Thanks a lot again,


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IEEE-USA has a nice salary survey -- you may see if it covers Canada, or if there is an equivalent IEEE group up there.

I sometimes refer to the US Bureau of Labor statistics but they are (a) not very detailed, and (b) not at all interested in Canada -- but perhaps the Canadian equivalent would have some guidance? In general I would assume that a really good FPGA designer would get somewhat more than a generalist circuit designer, but probably not much more than a really good analog guy.

Tim Wescott
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