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I want to work from home on my University project. The University uses
Foundation 4.2 and I want to know if any of the free downloads (i.e Webpack)
will be compatitble so that I can take me designs into Uni done from home
and have no trouble simulating on their platform. I am sure this question
has been asked and answered many times. Apologies if so.


Re: Which software from Xilinx
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I believe the Xilinx Webpack is compatible with the ISE 4.2. You can
also save only the vhdl files and the waveforms.

Pedro Claro

Re: Which software from Xilinx
On 18 Aug 2003 13:07:39 -0700, snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com (Pedro

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I have Webpack 4.2WP3 and it supports only the SpartanII/IIe, Virtex2,
Virtexe, Coolrunner and 9500 series devices. If I remember correctly
the ISE 4.2 Student version will only support the XC4xxx and Spartan
devices. Webpack does not come with coregen, but does have statecad
and schematic editor. That is real nice for doing top level wiring and
documentation purposes. For a student or hobby purposes the Webpack is
fine piece of software.  

I have saved schematic files with webpack 4.2 no problem. The main
limitation is that on the Spartan II is limited to 200K devices and
IIe limited to 300K devices and the Virtex2 is limited to 250K and "e"
are limited up to 300K devices.

The only reason I have not moved up to 5.x webpack is that I am still
using Windoze 98. If Webpack 5 or newer version had a linux port then
I would consider switching.


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