New to Xilinx Software - help with downlaod


I want to learn to use the Xilinx Software and was wondering which one to download..

What is the difference between Xilinx Student Edition 4.2i and Xilinx webpack??

which is better to download??? and How are they and what do they offer??

I am new to this and would appreciate the help!!!

Thank you.


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Kranthi Q
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Hi Kranthi, I have used the student edition (a prior version) a long time ago and in my opinion webpack seems better. It does support some devices even upto Virtex II, some of the Spartan and all of the CPLD devices. You can simulate your design (ships with Modelsim from Mentor), sythesize your design, perform post synthesys simulations (similar to back-annotation), floorplan and come out with the configuration bit files. One good feature with this is that you can generate simulation vectors graphically and internally it generates the test bench for you. Try it!!

Good luck, Digvijay.


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Digvijay Raghavan

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