Anyone here want to take on some consulting work?

I just got a call from a fellow who needs some consulting work done, and I am too busy to help him. Perhaps someone here may wish to take a shot?

He is in Southern California, but I suspect that if you make a pitch with all work being dne in, say, England, he is likely to be OK with that.

I haven't taken the time to capture his requirements, but here is what I have:

Here is what he has now: PC with DIO --> 32 TTL lines + Clock --> 2 ea SDRAM --> 32-bit bus -- >FPGA (PC writes to one SDRAM while FPGA reads from the other, then they switch)

Here is what he thinks he wants: PC --> Ethernet --> 2 ea PC104 PCs with DIO --> 32-bit bus -- >FPGA (Unclear why he wants 2 PC104 computers. Perhaps it is inconvenient to change the interface to the FPGA?)

The 32 TTL lines go through a 15-foot LVDS cable.

He mentioned 8 Gigabytes per second in his conversation with me.

I have no idea who he is, whether he is a flake, etc. but on the phone he sounded legit.

I created a temporary email address at Please email me and I will forward his contact information and design document. I will wait a day or two before replying to make sure everyone interested has a shot.

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