what's the difference between syn FIFO and asyn FIFO?

Hi, I'm designing a itu656 video data format decoder, where I need use a FIFO to send the active pixel to the next module for processing. But, as you known, I'm a newbie in EDA field. I can't say what kind of FIFO will be useful in this design and I don't know how to use the xilinx FIFO ip core. Anybody has a project like this? Can you give me a application note of how to use the xilinx FIFO IP Core? Thank you! willie CHEN kmust,china

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Synchronous FIFOs are used to buffer data between logic in the same clock domain. Async FIFOs are required if you are buffering data where the write side is in a different clock domain as the read side. As for the application notes, I believe the Core Generator contains links to IP documentation.


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