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Hi Group, I need help on using the XilNet libraray and Xilinx EMAC core. (

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I am a newbie to TCP/IP stack , so I need some pointers on where to get started. I have seen Xilinx App notes , but the C files are too confusing for me, and it has plethora of socket functions,. Can anybody please point me how to get started and going. I appreciate your help in advance Thank you Ram

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The xilinx sockets are very similar to standard UNIX/Berkeley Sockets. These have been around a long time, and there are multiple great references, so if you Google "BSD Sockets" (for Berkeley Systems Distribution, IIRC), it should give you some good introductory material that will get you enough background to understand the Xilinx documentation (since it isn't _exactly_ the same thing).


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