virtex dev board?

hi, is there any Virtex-II Pro (with only one PPC core embedded, XC2VP4-5FG456C), the clock, config ROM, JTAG (maybe also USB) and some RAM board out there?

cause i've seen some cards from Memec (there's one at about 400dollars with EDK and 200 without it), but they dont have any RAM, and other boards have too much peripheals that i dont need and then they have like 20 user I/O pins available, cause they have keyboard, display, leds, parallel port, A/D, D/A, video, and a lot of other stuff. If i wanted those peripheals later i guess i'd get a daughter board, but in the beggining i'd like as much I/O as possible

another one is the one for gameboy (i dont know it's name) it seems to have everything i want, just the FPGA is not a Virtex-II Pro

any pointers will be appreciated

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I have the "Virtex-II Pro Development Board" from Insight Memec (Rev3), and it has 32MB SDRAM... No USB though, only UART.

cu, Sean

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Sean Durkin

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This is a never rev than the one I have, but with the same features.

cu, Sean

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Sean Durkin

it also looks like it lacks any sort of connectors for Rocket I/O. The higher model Memec boards have connectors for Rocket I/O... I'm not sure if that means the Rocket I/O is unusuable, or if you can access it through the pin headers.


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myren, lord


Unless a board has been layed out properly for MGT use, other than checking functionality, it is not recommended.

Check with your disti or Xilinx FAE on what boards are intended for MGT use, and which ones are not intended for MGT use.

For example, to pass the XAUI jitter tests, or to get the longest reach, requires a board that was designed for the best performance of the MGTs per the MGT user manual. If the board was built to showcase the PPC, then the vendor (including Xilinx) may not have spent the time and/or money on the MGT part of the pcb (because they did not have to).

Another common error, is that some standards do not run at 3.125 Gbs. Often folks will be checking out a fibre channel optical interface, and call and ask us why it doesn't work at 3 gig.....uh, excuse me, the optics stopped working a long time ago!?

A good sign that a pcb was not intended to support the MGTs is that there are no SMAs on the pcb. But even with SMAs on the pcb, it still may have been an afterthought to provide a connection even though the user's guide was not followed.

Even a layout with no thought for the MGTs will still function, and allow development of the code.

Aust> it also looks like it lacks any sort of connectors for Rocket I/O. The

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Austin Lesea

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