Using quartus "In system memory editor" from command line

Hi folks,

Does anyone know wether it is possible to use the quartus "In system memory editor" feature from command line ?

I have been searching Altera documentation with little success...

Thanks in advance,


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Steven Derrien
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Hi Steven,

There is a TCL command interface for acquiring data from In-system Memory Content Editor off a device. The TCL package is called insystem_memory_edit, which is only available in the TCL shell provided by quartus_stp. (quartus_stp -s).

The best way to get help on this topic is to use the online help by evoking quartus_sh --qhelp from the command prompt. In the upper left hand window, scroll down to the Tcl API packkages and click on insystem_memory_edit.When you do this you will see the package commands in the upper right hand window. Click on on the commnds and you wil see details on their description and example usage in the lower panel.

Once you get this to work you may add all these commands into a single tcl_script and invoke it with quartus_stp -t

Hope this helps, Subroto Datta Altera Corp.

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Subroto Datta

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