Using demo IP libraries?

I'm trying to build one of the sample projects (ml403_emb_ref_ppc) that comes with the ML403. I'm running Platform Studio 7.1.02i. It's complaining that there's no license for the 16550, the I2C and the Ethernet MAC. Fair enough - but I thought this was supposed to include time/byte-limited demo versions of the IP. How can I fix this silly licensing issue so I can build and download one of the samples?

The exact error text is:

ERROR:MDT - opb_uart16550 (opb_uart16550_0) - C:\ml403_emb_ref_ppc\system.mhs:324 - invalid license or no license found! INFO:coreutil - Valid license for feature opb_iic_v1 not found. You may use the customization GUI for this core but you will not be able to generate any implementation or simulation files. Contact Xilinx to obtain a full license for this LogiCORE. For more information please refer to

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FLEXlm Error: No such feature exists (-5,21)

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