Twister + Lancelot

Hi FPGA folks,

I am trying to get started with the Twister+Lancelot evaluation board.

Has somebody played with that boards? I'd like to have some reference so that I could ask questions.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards

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I've got a Lancelot connected to my Nios (Cyclone) development kit board. It works fine, although I ended up writing my own vga firmware which is a lot nicer (IMHO, of course :-) than the original demo code that came with the board (my code is vaguely based on newer Nios II application notes and examples). The hardware is not worth copying either, since the video dac on the card is now considered obselete by TI. However, the board does exactly what it says on the tin - it is an example card with example code to get you started, and worked fine for me in that sense.

Somebody started a mailing list for the Lancelot, but apart from a few initial posts, it's been dead quiet. I can't even remember its address offhand, although I'm sure a google groups search would reveal it.

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David Brown

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I happen to know the designer of both boards, when he showed me the Lancelot I was quite impressed with power of dedicated Nios instructions and hardware acceleration for the Mandelbrot demo ;)


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