Help to get started with Crossworks for ARM

Hi everyone! Can someone tell me where to get hints on getting started with Rowley's Crossworks for ARM. What I'm looking for is a bunch of examples and project samples in order to clarify my learning process.

I've already worked with IAR and Keil, but I'm facing problems with Crossworks for ARM 1.7 that the documentation available at Rowley's site did not resolve.

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What kind of problems are you having? It's a very vanilla toolchain with few or no surprises. There are some projects with Rowley project files included in the distribution (e.g. FreeRTOS) but beyond that I'm not sure you'll find what you're looking for.

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I thought there were examples on Paul's web site. I seem to remember seeing some, last summer when I had last looked.

What problems? Also, have you tried contacting Paul about your questions? I think he really does sincerely try to support his customers well.


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Jon Kirwan

What problems?


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