When I'm Wrong I'd Like to Know

But each topic I'm wrong about should be addressed in that newsgroup. If I were wrong about something related to FPGAs (just an imaginary example, of course) I wouldn't want it discussed in alt.religion.emacs. Likewise I don't wish for things not related to FPGAs to be discussed here. Every discussion in its place!

Is there any chance the person this post is directed to will actually read and pay attention to it?


Rick C
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[Every discussion in its place!]

I agree with you 100%. And here's why it's so important: When will you die? When will you leave this world to face eternity? When will the unexpected catch up with you? How many people who died today thought today would be their day?

What I'm talking about with forgiveness of sin (versus non-forgiveness of sin) is the difference between being in Heaven, redeemed to be with God forever in a body like the angels, free to light up this universe with all that is uniquely you ... or eternal damnation in Hellfire.

If what I'm talking about is true ... its significance supersedes all other discussions world-wide.

Absolutely. And believe it or not ... that's why I'm here in this group. I have interests in hardware, and I'm trying to work with FPGAs to make those hardware designs a reality ... but I am also a Christian, and I must place a greater priority in teaching people those things God first taught me, so that they too can be saved.

Three-fold beings: soul, body, spirit. Spiritually dead because of sin, leaving us soul + sinful body. Jesus takes away our sin, restoring us to soul + body + spirit. We still have our sinful body here in this world, but when we leave this world (as forgiven believers), our sinful body is shed, and we put on an immortal body.

We are made in God's own image and likeness. And we are called to be His sons. He has eternal plans for us (outside of time), and the hints we read about them in the Bible are remarkable. He describes Heaven as paradise, and there is corroboration through Paul. Paul even discusses seeing things there it's not lawful for man to talk about ... so there are things beyond what we have here on Earth. Streets of gold. River of life. Tree of life. Flowing freely from the throne of God.

It's paradise, with all of the resources we need to take our fullest aspirations and complete them with punctuation. Not just a doable or passable job, but with flourish! We will be master crafstmen at whatever our target is, as though an angel himself built it perfectly, yet even more so because of who we are (God's own children).

----- This is really important. Why more Christians don't teach about this I do not know. But the great preachers of history have done so, and great men and women of God through history have done so. And it needs to be spoken in every place, at all times, until the last person has full understanding upon the matter, and makes their choice.

Thank you, Rick C. Hodgin

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Rick C. Hodgin

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