Synplify Identify with Microsemi FPGAs

Is anybody out there using Microsemi's Libero SoC and the bundled Synplfiy
Identify is giving me problems:
1. It will not accept a depth of greater than 128 even when I ask for it
2. Gives completely wrong and impossible waveform results and gives the
error message:
ERROR: objectsdb_type.cpp:207: assertion '0' failed
Since Synplify is bundled by Microsemi, I have no support with Synosys,
nor is there an Actel/Microsemi forum to ask on.
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I don't have an answer, but I sympathize. I did a couple of RTAX designs, and the tools are pretty primitive. Synplify for the Actel does not work a s well as it does for other parts. I get the idea there's one guy at Synop sis who spends one day a week on Actel support.
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Kevin Neilson

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