Spartan II 2s200 PCI Board

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a Spartan II 2s200 PCI Board to use in a project. I programmed it with the Opencores PCI core. The problem is that when I plug it in the PCI slot of the computer the board turn on but the computer doesn't and the computer work well without the PCI board plugged. Any help? Thanks in advance.



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Capture a logic analyzer trace of the PCI bus and see if there's anything obvious going wrong? For instance, if the FPGA is driving signals when it shouldn't.

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Eric Smith

General things to check:

  1. Does your design pin-out (.ucf file) match the board?

  1. Does the design meet timing constraints for the bus speed of your computer?

  2. Does the design load fully before PCI reset is released? This is often a sticking point. If you have a computer with a real reset button you can try to extend power-on reset time on the PCI bus. Otherwise you can minimize the FPGA load time by setting the CCLK rate as high as your PROM can go (in the configuration options). Also some motherboards have very short PCI reset times. If yours does, try a different system. Usually your best bet is a generic (e.g. ASUS - not Dell, IBM, Compaq) motherboard which usually has provisions for PCI reset switch and uses the "power good" output of the power supply to extend reset to a minimum of 250 milliseconds. The spec. for PCI is much shorter than this.

Good luck, Gabor

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