Old Spartan-II demo board from Insight - seeking docs..

I have dug out an old board with Spartan-II XC2S100 chip and I could use it, if only I could get some documentation for it.

It looks exactly like this:

formatting link

It has "Insight" and Xilinx logos on it and marking "Spartan II Demo Doard" at the lower edge. Board revision is 3.0, which seems to be important.

I have managed to find some pdf, but it is missing description for a couple jumpers, so it is probably for earlier revisions.

If anyone could post link to some docs, it would be appreciated.

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Hal Murray

Dne petek, 02. maj 2014 18:31:02 UTC je oseba Hal Murray napisala:

At the moment not that much. I need to cobble up some simple interface, but I need to work with TTL so it would be nice to have 5V tolerance.

Since it is just one-off and temporary thing, this seems like fastest option, if I get docs. No need to fsck around with PCB design, level converters etc.

Just a few wires to and from the boards and that would be it.

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I can't see any docs for V3. As you say there is a V1.2 version here:-

formatting link

(you will have to re-jpoin the URL)

which seems a good starting point. It has tables mapping the pin numbers the various peripherals.

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Dne petek, 02. maj 2014 19:21:04 UTC je oseba Dave napisala:

Yes, I planned to do that. But since I could fuck up something around voltage setting jumpers etc and I don't have spare chip at hand, this would mean more cautious work, which means extra time.

Also, board hase extra few bits for various programming options, so I thought to try my luck on the net, if anyone has good pdf.

I tried at several places, some of which might have it or even a board or two to spare, so I'll put it aside for a few days.

I pulled old Xilinx parallel port configuration cable ( Parallel cable IV) from the same heap and it seems open source Linux driver for it is working, so I have made some progress... ;o)

Thanks for your time.

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