Spartan-3/3E Board

Hi all, I looking for a Spartan-3/3E based board with the following features (other features are also welcome): - 8-way 10-16bits ADC. 8 way 10-16bits DAC. - Rich interconnect (RS232, CAN, USB, ETH, ...) - Rich memory (DDR SDRAM+FLASH)

The SP305 is almost perfect but it's no longer sold by Xilinx :(


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We don't have everything you want on a single board but have a look at our Hollybush1 and Tarfessock1 boards. Also look at the other Spartan-3 boards MINI-CAN, Broaddown2, Raggedstone1 with available modules. There are 2 more concepts kicking around the office that are going to be closer but I not going to release details on that yet or give any real timescales till we are much closer to launch.

John Adair Enterpoint Ltd. - Home of Hollybush1. The PCI104 Spartan-3 Development Board.

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