Small C Compiler for Picoblaze

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Dear all,
last year I started to design the back end of a "Small C" compiler
for the picoblaze microcontroller.
(You can download it on
I haven't done much for the last two months... but now I'm ready to
continue my development.
I'm looking for some help in the development. Do you want to help me?
The compiler has still some bugs and it will be nice to have a
bug free compiler, for all the Picoblaze users :-)

How I said the compiler is a version of "small C" Is well coded
(considering that I'm an hardware designer :-))

The source code is still not on my webpage, but it will be there soon.

I hope to have some follower :-)

Re: Small C Compiler for Picoblaze
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Sounds good - you might want to also look at the Lattice Mico8 -
that is opensource, so you can nudge the opcodes.
It is quite close to the PicoBlaze, but Mico8 is generally
a superset in opcode 'reach'.

You can expect them to be more similar than different, as both have
18 bit opcodes, and are designed for FPGA usage.

Alfred Arnold has recently added the Mico8 to his AS assembler
found here


Re: Small C Compiler for Picoblaze

Tell us more about it.

Is it Linux?
Is it YAK?
Is it C++?
Is it ANCII?

Stuff like that.

And what are you doing with it?

Just curious.

Brad Smallridge

Re: Small C Compiler for Picoblaze
The compilers work under a dos shell.
No is not a Ansi C compiler, Small C is a compiler that was very
popular in the '80.

On my website you can download the user manual, that is incomplete, but
may give you an idea about the potentiality of the compiler.


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