a ISE installation problem on linux

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I've got some trouble on installing ise7.1 webpack on the debian linux
system, when I run the .sh file from the command line ,I got following

    Cannot register service: RPC: Unable to receive; errno = Connection
    unable to register (registryProg, registryVers, tcp)
    Wind/U Error (248): Failed to connect to the registry on server
    Wind/U X-toolkit Error: wuDisplay: Can't open display

I use the google search but didn't find any useful information, could
any body do me a faver to help me?

Re: a ISE installation problem on linux

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I had this same problem.

You need to install "portmap"

Try (as root)

apt-get install portmap

Then try to run the Xilinx installer.

See this page for the other packages you might need to install:



Re: a ISE installation problem on linux
thanks ,Ram,I got it.

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