does anyone have a c compiler for the picoblaze

does anyone have a c compiler for the picoblaze?

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Isnt that GNU?

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Martin Riddle

The problem with a C compiler for a picoblaze is its too small to be seriously useful. The overhead in a complier is too large for such a tiny processor. I would stick with well documented assembler.


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Simon Peacock

There are c compilers for PIC/Microchip and AVR/Atmel. I think there is a gnu toolchain as well as one from the manufacturers.

Sometimes you need assembler, say to make something fit or so you can count cycles to get timings exactly right.

Other times, you have plenty of CPU cycles and enough memory for the code. Why not use c? You don't suddenly get to use printf. You just write the same sort of code you were writing in assembler in c.

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Hal Murray


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In the Xilinx Forums under embeded processors. There is a beta version offered in one of the threads. I haven't tried it.

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