Picoblaze C compiler 1.8.4

Hi all, for the picoblaze funs... you can download the latest version of picoblaze C compiler on my website

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the latest version is 1.8.4 In this version you have the optimizer (just started) I've got an example how to use the LCD IF on the Spartan3E starter kit... if you want to have a try.. please send me an email for any suggestions... or improvement...

Have fun, Francesco

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Suggestions : Release a linux version ;)

Improvement : It's possible to change the microblaze source to add an offseting capability to fetch/store So image sF is your stack pointer, you can save regs on the stack:

sub sF, 4 store s0, 0(sF) store s1, 1(sF) store s2, 2(sF) store s3, 3(sF)

That should allow for some codesize reduction I think.

Also, theses modification to the microblaze don't require more resources. (just some LUT3 changed in LUT4).


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Sylvain Munaut

The examples seem a bit like a macro based C compiler. The code for reading/writing I/O is huge. Maybe it is better to introduce some language extensions that will map variables into the I/O space. Most

8051 C compilers do this.
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Nico Coesel

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