Simple PWM Spartan 3

i need help for a Simple PWM Spartan 3, i dont know how to activat the spartan3 board hel

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I useusally activate my Spartan 3 board using a 5V 1A power supply. The board has regulators that produce the lower voltages needed by the FPGA chip. Your board might be different; I'd recommend checking the documentation.

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Eric Smith

I doubt there's a significant amount of help available for the board. Perhaps just some interfacing information, such as which pinouts go to where etc.

This shouldn't be too important until you get to the point of actually targetting your design. You can still do all of the core creation. Perhaps you should specify which parts of the process you're having trouble with, might actually get you some answers then.

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Bevan Weiss

Did you mean pulse-width modulator? Beware of unexplained TLA (Three-letter acronyms) Peter Alfke

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Peter Alfke

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