Spartan-3 VCCINT

This again is a question for Austin:

The recommended operating conditions for spartan-3 are VCCINT < 1.26V. What will happen if I power it with 1.28V?

Antything more serious than a live expectancy reduced from 20 years to

15 years?

You know, there a only a few small 1.2V regulators on the market but there a plenty of 1.25V versions around. But those have a tolerance of a few percent...

Kolja Sulimma

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Kolja Sulimma
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According to the data sheet, the absolute maximum VCCINT is 1.32 volts. This would be 4% high side tolerence for a 1.25 V regulator. I am not aware of any derating Xilinx has for higher voltages with their Spartan 3 device. I would conclude a 1.25 V regulator would be acceptable. If you were really paranoid you could tweak down the regulator by adjusting the passives in the circuit.

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The voltage drop to the part might be just about 50mV....


I would try it an see what voltage the part actually is at relative to the regulator. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Remember the part is specified by Xilinx to operate at the abs max voltage AND temperature for the rated lifetime.

We prefer you stay within the recommended values, however.

Aust> According to the data sheet, the absolute maximum VCCINT is 1.32 volts. This

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Austin Lesea

OK. As I am probably inside the recommended spec and for granted in the the abs max spec I stop worrying.

Thank you Austin,

Kolja Sulimma

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