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I am generating a slow serial data stream in response to a input clock. I need to delay n uSec's after detecting the clock edge before I output the data. The input clock is currently running at 10 Khz. I was going to run another process at 1 Mhz but don't know the best way to wait for a delay count in the slower 10 Khz process.

Any suggestions?


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Well, if you detect the rising or falling edge of the clock, you can count the number of clocks corresponding to the desired delay. once you reach this coun, you shift the data using 1 MHz clock... This is UART-like data shifting-out i think. If there is no problem with setup/hold time in the receiving device, this should be alright.

Hope this helps.


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Vladislav Muravin

So basically I would set a flag/signal in the 10 Khz clock process. Wait for the flag to be set in the 1 Mhz process, then count n clocks then put data out on the serial port?

Thanks, JT

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Vladislav Muravin

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