Using DSP Builder with Quartus

Hello, I've been hearing a lot about DSP Builder and was curious if it is worth learning? Can anyone share their experience pros/cons? Are they any good references I could pick and teach myself?

Thanks, joe

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I have used it during some month for a trainee and it is really easy too use, if you already use simulink , it is the same thing. You could use all matlab functions to generate your stimuli and analyze result. But I think it's mainly powerfull for signal processing application not for making state machine or thing like that. For reference look at simulink ref , if you know well matlab/simulink well you are ready to use dsp builder.

The way we used it during my internship was to make some part of the design with DSP Builder then generate the netlist (i'm not sure that really a netlist it's a *.vqm file) and integrated to the the final project in quartus

I ask my self if there is not already an other tool non-dependant of a FPGA firm that t just convert a simulink file to vhdl or verilog, it probably need some specific library but it should be too hard to implement such tool.


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Where have you been hearing about it ?

I did one commercial design with DSP Builder about a year ago. I can conceive that for a suitable complex design DSPBuilder would permit realization considerably faster than doing the design directly in VHDL. But I found it to be buggy and limited in _many_ different ways, and the overhead of finding, understanding and working around DSPBuilder's limitations was a HUGE burden that I would not wish on anyone. The second design will go much more smoothly than the first -- if you should live so long. I did finish my project, however it is maintained in VHDL; the Simulink model is not close enough to the final implementation to be worth keeping around, except for the approximate graphical view of the design.

Perhaps there have been substantial improvements in recent releases. Perhaps learning Xilinx' SystemGenerator is a better bet.



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