Hello Xilinx folks -- please answer

When will the design sources for the ML401 demo projects be available?


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Pete Fraser
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To what are you referring?

If you can detail what you are looking for, maybe we can help you?

Aust> When will the design sources for the ML401

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OK, I must be missing something here. Excuse my ignorance.

Are you looking for HDL source code for some apps? Are you looking for c code for the PPC? Are you looking for schematics?

There is just so much to the word "source" that it isn't registering,

Sorry to be obtuse,


Antti Lukats wrote:

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OP (Pete) here.

The ML401 is a cool looking Virtex 4 development board made and sold by Xilinx. I should have one on Monday or Tuesday.

I'm looking for HDL and C source code for the demo apps that are shipped with the board.

I don't believe there is a PPC on it (4VLX25).

Got them. Thanks.

I should have explained in more detail. I just assume you'd be familiar with the board.

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"Note: Many of these demonstration programs were developed using advance versions of the EDK 6.3 tools. The project files and hardware/software source files will be released when these tools are released. Contact your local Xilinx Field Applications Engineer or Sales Office for more information."


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Pete Fraser

Hi is looking for project sources for the new Xilinx V4 low cost development kit ML401 !

looks qute, but as he said there are no project source codes on Xilinx website only demo images :(


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Antti Lukats


Got it.

Will take it from here.


We have >8 pcbs that were done for V4 launch alone by Xilinx (let alone the ones done by our partners), and I am not familiar with the details of each one,


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While we're waiting for the sources, could someone fill me in on the details on the "Evaluation versions of Xilinx tools" mentioned at the button of

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Ie., what can I do with that and how does it differ from the non-evaluation tools (and from the free WebPACK)?

The ML401 is a very impressive kit - IMO it sets a new bar for development kits.

Thanks, Tommy

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Tommy Thorn

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I don't remember the details, but the webpack tools only cover the low end parts, but do not expire. The eval version is one of the full ISE packages, but is only licenced for 30 days. Webpack also has some features missing such as chip editor, etc.

Rick "rickman" Collins

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ISE Eval includes all ISE tools (but does not include System Generator, EDK, or ChipScope) and has a 60 day timeout.

The WebPACK does not time out, but is for the smaller devices and does not include CoreGen and FPGA Editor. The 6.3i WebPACK does not support the 4VLX25 which is on the ML401.


rickman wrote:

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Steve Lass

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