Problems Configurating MicroBlaze into RC200 board

I have been following several tutorials to build a simple system that only prints a string by the serial port. My system includes a Microblaze, Bram Block, UART Lite, and bram controllers for instructions and data.

When I build the example I don't have problems, I generate libraries, compile the sources, generate the netlist, generate the bitstream obtening the file system.bit. Finally I update the bitstream to merge data and design into the download.bit file.

But when I try to configure into a Virtex 2 (RC200 board XC2V1000FG456-4) the device never ends the configuration process, it looks as if something were missing, like the end of file or anything else.

Somebody has experienced this? I hope that somebody can help me with this.

Thanks in advance

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You can try the Parallel Cable III to connect to the JTAG port in order to config the board

You need to use XPS together with a download script for IMPACT as well as the relevent bsd file

Hoping that would be useful

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Thanks Tony, I think that the cable isn't the problem, because I have several examples running in the RC200 board that has been configurated and work without problems. Obviously I used the program that celoxica provides to download and configurate the bitstream into the FPGA.

The problem is that the configuration process never ends.

Thanks again.

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