Microblaze in a EDK pcore


I've a XPS project with a MicroBlaze and BRAMs on the hardware side, and a C program on the software side. I'm able to synthesize it (with synplify for example), and put this submodule as netlist in a EDK pcore.

Then I can use it as "peripheral" for another XPS project, which describes my complete system (with PPC and so...).

But I've a problem. How to initialize Microblaze's BRAM without generating the bitstream of my submodule ?

I've seen a commercial Core with a microblaze inside. They give the memory .bmm with it, to be able to update the software. I've tried to "init_bram" after the bitstream generation from the main xps project. But it seems that this bmm file, without the "par" informations is useless.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

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Cédric Jeanneret
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correct. you can update existing .BIT with the SW only if you have the proper .BMM with the location information in it, otherwise its no use


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Antti Lukats

You can do this with the "bitinit" program. Here's an extract from the makefile I've made for this purpose (under Linux with PPC rather than MB):

$(CHIP)-fpga-ppc.bit: $(CHIP)-fpga.bit ../system/TestApp/executable.elf bitinit ../system/system.mhs -bm ../system/implementation/system_stub_bd.bmm \ -pe ppc405_0 ../system/TestApp/executable.elf -bt $< -o $@


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Petter Gustad

Here's how I've done it in the past.

data2mem can generate a ucf file which can then be used by ngcbuild to add the elf info directly to the subproject netlist. This augmented netlist will then be passed through the rest of the implementation flow resulting in the BRAMs being properly programmed in the final bit file.

Note that

formatting link
indicates that this is a "legacy" data2mem option. Not sure how I'd do it if xilinx removes this option.


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Paul Hartke

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