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Hi All, I just got myself an evaluation license for ChipScope Pro 6.2. I used the Core Inserter tool to insert the ICON and ILA cores into my design. The first time I used the Pro Analyser to load the configuration file it all went ok. However, I tried to load the same configuration file the next day and now Analyser gives me the following messsage:

COMMAND: configure 1 "C:\my_design_cs.bit" 0 INFO: Found 0 Core Units in the JTAG device Chain

The configuration file hasn't been changed. I have tried multiple times but no luck. Has anybody else had the same problem? Is this some sort of limitation put on ChipScope evaluation version?

Thanks in advance Sudhir

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no if the .bit file has the icon-ila in it and the analyzer starst it SHOULD display the core info. you most likely downloaded the wrong .bt file


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Antti Lukats

As far as i know this happens often with the 6 series of chipscope. I havent experienced it with the 7 series. a couple of things which could help is create a new inserter core and then rerun the place and route or just open the chipscope once and then rerun the place and route and so on. Good luck!

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Hello Sudhir, I too had this same problem. I followed the info from the Xilinx support site to help me get over this problem.

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6.2i ChipScope Pro - XCF00P/Platform Flash in chain gives 0 core units found by ChipScope Analyzer Answer Record: 19578 Family: Software Product Line: FPGA Implementation Part: ChipScope Pro Version: 6.2i Last Modified: 11/23/04 11:15:27 Status: Active Rate This Answer Very Useful Useful Not Useful Click to submit Email this page Email this page Send us feedback Feedback Print Print Version

Problem Description:

Keywords: xcf32p, analyzer, PROM, core, unit, found

Urgency: Standard

General Description: If a XCF08/16/32P is in a JTAG chain, ChipScope cannot initialize the chain as it has no idea of what the instruction register length is. It will try to recognize the device as a XC18V00, but the instruction register is too small (8 bits). The parallel Platform Flash devices are

16 bits.

Solution 1:

To work around this issue, edit the "%XILINX%\ChipScope_Pro_6_2i\data\deviceid.lst" and add the following 2 lines:

C,505,93=XCF00P XCF00P=10

However I did have to change the IR Length field in the "JTAG Chain device order dialog box" to 16 for my Virtex2Pro part to get it working.

Good luck. Anup wrote:

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Anup Raghavan

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